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" A child care with a great heart for kids."

About     us.

Luminare’s Child Care simply known as “day care” is a large licensed family home daycare located in the heart of Elk Grove, California. Luminare’s Child Care has license no. 343622822 granted  to operate since April 2015, and has maximum capacity of up to 14 kids’ ages infant to school age. Luminare’s Child Care owner and staff are educators and CPR/First Aid certified.


Hi, I am Loralee Doniza Luminare, 37 years old and was born in Philippines. I am married to Daniel Luminare, 37 years old and was born in Romania. We are both educators by profession. Daniel graduated from Sacramento State University with a Bachelor degree in Teaching - General Education (K-6) and Special Education (K-22 years). Daniel currently is teaching special education in Lodi Unified School District. While, I graduated with a bachelor degree in Elementary Education specialized in Early Childhood Education and at present taking units in ECE at Yuba College to stay current with my specialty.

I  have 20 years’ experience working with kids from infant and school age children. I gain my experiences from being a church nursery teacher, toddler’s asst. teacher, preschool teacher, au pair, child caregiver, and paraeducator. Moreover, I am the eldest of seven siblings; I’ve been from place to place being with children and really enjoyed caring for them. I grew up in a Christian family. My parents are missionary and we have ministries for children. At age 15, I started to be a church nursery asst. teacher. At age 20, I became children’s department superintendent. During college, I was a working student. I worked as Asst. Toddler Teacher until I became a Certified Preschool Teacher. After college, I was granted to be exchange student to Belgium. I work as aupair “nanny” for my host family. I enjoyed my job in Europe. After Belgium, I worked as child-caregiver in Canada. I became a child-caregiver for a family with 5 children. I continued working for them until they no longer needed my service. Then, I was given a privilege to take care of an adult with disability for 2 years. After Canada, I moved to United States, got engaged, married my best friend Daniel.

Daniel and I are blessed to have two precious kids named Levi (8 years old) and Leah (5 years old). We love our kids very much. They are our treasures from the Lord. We are happy that they are growing so fast each day, that's why I told my husband I  would like to enjoy every moment of it and stay with them.

For this reasons, Luminare’s Child Care came to existence. I resigned from my full-time job as Inclusive Ed – Paraeducator to be able to stay home with my kids, while extending care to others. Also, it’s perfect time for me to share my skills as early childhood professional to my own kids and wishing to share the benefits as well to kids who will be entrusted in our day care. I seriously take the responsibility that each parent will entrust me.

I look forward to extend my warm care to your child.

Luminare’s Child Care – "A child care with a great hearts for kids"


Loralee D. Luminare